The Sweet Box

  • Our most popular box with all of your biggest American brands from Jolly Ranchers & Twizzlers to Airheads & Sour Patch Kid, try our Sweet Box now! We promise you the sweet tongue tingling flavours which will explode in your mouth will make you never want UK candy over USA candy again!


    4 x Airheads (Random Flavour) – 15g*

    2 x Fanta Cans (Random Flavour) - 12oz*

    2 x Laffy Taffy Ropes (Random Flavour) - 0.81oz*

    2 x Fizz Wiz Popping Candy – 4.9gm

    2 x Jolly Rancher Chews - 2.06oz

    1x Twizzlers - 2.50z

    1x Skittles - 1.58oz

    1x Sour Patch Kids Watermelon – 2oz

    1 x Wonka Nerds – 5oz

    1 x Fun Dip – 1.4oz

    1 x Airheads Rainbow Bites 2oz

    Any product with a * at the end we will be able to change flavour of the product, please contact us first if specified flavour is available. Subject to availability.