The Gold Box

  • With our biggest box yet with over 20 different flavours try The Gold Box out now! This box has a mixture of drinks, sweets & chocolates which your bound to feast upon. Indulge yourself in a candy coma with the best American flavours brands to offer! But don’t blame us if you come back for more!


    4 x Laffy Taffy Ropes (Random Flavour) - 0.81oz*

    2x Fanta Cans (Random Flavour) – 12oz*

    2 x Hershey’s Milk – 8oz

    2 x Kool Aid (Random Flavour) – 6g*

    2 x Twizzlers - 2.5oz

    2 x Sour Patch Kids - 2oz

    2 x Jolly Rancher Chews 2.06oz

    2 x M&M’s (Random Flavour) – 1.63 oz*

    2 x Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Bar - 1.55oz

    2 x Hershey’s Gold Bar – 1.40oz

    1 x Pop Tarts 13.5oz

    1 x Skittles – 1.58oz

    1 x Reese’s White PB Cups – 1.37oz

    *This box contains nuts*

    Any product with a * at the end we will be able to change flavour of the product, please contact us first if specified flavour is available. Subject to availability.