The Chocolate Box

  • If you love chocolate, then this is the box for you! With a vast selection of mouth-watering flavours, you won’t be able to find together anywhere in the UK. With various brands ranging from smooth Hershey’s bars to crunchy Butterfinger bars you’ll be sure to feel the American chocolate experience that everyone talks about. 


    2 x Chocomel or Hershey’s Milk - 250ml (Chocomel) 8oz (Hersheys Milk)*

    2 x Hershey’s Gold Bar 1.40oz

    2 x Reese’s White PB Cups -1.37oz

    2 x M&M’s (Random Flavour) - 1.63oz*

    1 x Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Bar - 1.55oz

    1x Butterfinger Bar – 2.08oz

    1x Milk Duds – 5oz

    1x Hershey’s Dipped Pretzels (Share bag) – 4.25oz

    *This box contains nuts*

    Any product with a * at the end we will be able to change flavour of the product, please contact us first if specified flavour is available. Subject to availability.